Come Walk the Labyrinth!

The labyrinth at Miraflores Lodge in Playa Chiquita, Puerto Viejo was initiated in the year 2000. It was placed in the medicinal and sustainable organic vegetable and fruit garden, complimenting the 12 year old Heliconia gardens, which Pamela collected from all over the tropical rainforest world. The sale of these plants financed the building of Miraflores Lodge.

The garden is named in the honor of Don Juan Arrocha (q.u.e.d) who passed on at 94. He planted love and cared for each plant as a living being.

Charlene Owen, a Landscape Designer from Santa Fe, NM conceived, designed and donated the Miraflores Labyrinth during a 3-week period of tropical deluge, leveling the earth and staking it out.

Christina Orr, a gardener and a farmer in love with the land and medicinal plants, further developed the labyrinth by changing the entrance (east), widening the paths and placing all the coral rock lining the pathways and placing many medicinal plants. The BriBri Indian Youth group placed the coconut fibers and packed the earth.

Daisy, a Permaculture gardener, gave her time and energy and placed edible landscaping and used all the garden composting to utilize and allow nature to “Do its thing.”

Pamela Carpenter, the property owner and builder of Miraflores Lodge and Gardens is very appreciative of all the energies and relations connected to placing the Labyrinth in the Miraflores Rainforest gardens, where many beautiful spiritual and traditional events have been held: BriBri ceremonial lodge (temple) with fire pit Visits of Shamans, Indian Awapas, Peace workers and healers

Chief Hidden Wolf with 850-year-old Peace Pipe Ceremony,Sweat Lodge , Indian dance & pipe ceremonies,Vedic Indian Holy men & Tai Chi Masters.

What is a labyrinth? Although no definitive written history about labyrinths remains, it is a symbol more than 3,500 years old. Labyrinths have been associated with femininity, water sources, and Celtic designs Virginia Lonesky, a member of The International Labyrinth Society says this about labyrinths:

A place to calm: You can go there agitated and have a sense of resolution on the way out:Meandering paths that lead to a center and back out again. Unlike mazes, it is impossible to get lost:Incredible source of energy .a calming experience that often provides answers to important personal questions..

Research suggests that labyrinths proliferate during major shifts in civilization, such as now /Pamela says that when walking the Labyrinth it’s always a surprise when you get to the center. The path is representative of our lives. Just when you think you are getting to the center, you are outside again. When you arrive a at the center & recognize you are there, you find the answer to your question, although sometimes the question is not clear until you begin to walk out. Then you will say to yourself ‘I’ve just been where I needed to go,” and you feel an inner peace and new energy to continue on your life’s path

. Come walk for Peace, yours and Our Mother Earth

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